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Linear Creative’s Ohio Sky Drone may be the perfect commercial aerial photography and video solution for you.

Here’s Why:

  • Our lead drone pilot is also a veteran videographer by trade, so he is highly skilled at capturing the right footage and editing it into a cinematic masterpiece.
  • We use premium-quality DJI Mavic 2 Pro drones to take high-definition images and videos that look as beautiful in 2D and 3D as they do in person.
  • Our pilots are licensed and certified with the FAA and have the experience to safely fly our registered equipment in various environments.
  • We offer a comprehensive suite of marketing services within our agency to provide complete project or company-wide support, including digital marketing and website optimization.
  • We’re small, which makes us very responsive and client focused.

Drone video / photography applications


Marketing Campaigns

Announce a new business opening, showcase your school’s campus, or demonstrate your manufacturing capabilities with video footage that’s highly engaging and adaptable for use across multiple marketing channels.


Building & Project Inspections

Get the high-resolution photos you need of difficult-to-view areas like chimneys, rooftops, gutters, bridges, solar panels, wind turbines, water towers, power transmission towers and substations, and telecommunication equipment to make informed decisions.


Construction Progress

Monitor the progress of your building project from a unique perspective, then showcase the finished work later to deliver that “wow factor” and preserve memories online.


Commercial Real Estate

Make your listings stand out with compelling aerial views that highlight a building’s exterior features while showing its convenient proximity to popular destinations.


Special Events

Capture the crowds at the fundraisers, festivals, and other gatherings you’ve worked so hard to plan and use the footage to market an even bigger event in the future.


Industrial Inspections

Get the high-resolution photos you need of difficult-to-view areas like rooftops, bridges, solar panels, wind turbines, and water towers to make informed decisions.

Completely customized to suit your needs and your budget.

At Linear Creative, we offer complete flexibility and take on simple and complex projects with fast turnaround times and efficient file delivery methods. Contact us at 440.799.4325 to tell us about your unique project. We’ll provide you with a free, detailed estimate to help you decide whether we can schedule a flight at your specified location.

Raw footage of your drone photos and videos will be available for viewing within 48 hours following the time of your shoot!

Contact us to learn more.

Call Ray Jasinski at 440.799.4325 or email info@linearcreative to start planning your drone footage project today!

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